CBpower Files, the best way to satisfy your customers with engineered settings

CBpower File Service

CBPOWER File service

For more than a decade, we develop our own engine upgraded softwares. Our experience in automotive allow us to provide you the best. Our files are developped on our 4×4 dynamometer with the best diagnostic tools on the market.

We provide more than files, you can count on our technical and operational support.

According to your needs you can even quickly download a file from our Winols database or upload your original file on our file service


Why choose our Winols database

  • 24/7 EASY access
  • 4×4 dyno developed & road approved files
  • Daily updates with the latest files & features
  • Real time technical support

Our tuning file service :

Once you have buy tuning file credits, you can upload your original file and receive it back upgraded in less than an hour.

12 years of experience


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It’s Very simple :


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At the beginning we build files for our own customers, we have been working hard to be recognized as specialist and for several years we provide  several tuning companies around the world.  

Lake of time, no tools or missing knowledge are the main reasons to let us work for you. From now you can buy our files suggested to you into WinOls projects or upload your original file to be modified according your need